so as you guys mightve figured out im on a bit of a temporary hiatus right now 

kinda just until i really settle into college life & dont have as many real life things to worry about i think

i’ll still be checking my account daily so feel free to send me pm’s ok

love you all

guys im ~*~*~officially~*~*~ an adult now wtf

so i moved into my dorm today & im… so overwhelmed like who are these people how am i gonna live with them for a year where are my parents

idk growing up is hard

lotsa silks at stupid cheap prices (other apparel too!)

come take a look & dress your naked dragons ok theyre embarrassed

im leaving for yale tomorrow & i said goodbye to my boyfriend last night & i dont know everythings getting so real im

just gonna curl up in some blankets & play dragons & avoid all my responsibilities probably

jesus christ the boolean auction tho

500k gems pure

how the

who the


cries a lot you guys are all so sweet thank you all so much

i got through it & i’m okay now i promise thank you guys i love you all

having a really rough night friends please send some good vibes my way could really use them right now

shit shit shit shit shit
i think i need this accent im

shit shit shit shit shit

i think i need this accent im

here’s the thing about sniping:

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